About Us

Welcome to Pasture Direct Meat Co.

Owned and operated by Todd and Lisa Smith since 2011. Our farm is located
just outside the small town of Valley View Texas, about 50 miles north of the
DFW metroplex.

We have a passion for sustainable farming and caring for our livestock in
the best way possible; we like to farm the natural way.

Todd is a 3rd generation farmer; he grew up on his parents’ farm in Denton
Texas. Todd has specialized in many different areas of farming over the years.
Todd purchased his first herd of cattle when he graduated High School in 1986.

Lisa grew up in a small village in Derbyshire, England; a rural community, and
so knows country life. Lisa has only been Farming since moving to Texas in
2010. Lisa also runs the day-to-day management of the farm.

We like to farm in the most natural way possible to us. We understand that
grocery store labelling can be very misleading and does not always mean what
you think it means. That's why we encourage people to get to know your local
farmer and learn where your food comes from and what farming practices are
used. Here on the farm all animals are raised on grass/hay and finished on oats
which are also grown here on the farm. Only necessary chemicals are used on the
crops, and we never use round up! The seeds we plant are from the crops we have
grown which means no GMO! We never use hormones and only ever use antibiotics
when necessary.

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